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Today’s gallery showcases the complete 1967 booklet “Sinclair and the Exciting World of Dinosaurs.” Another one of Sinclair‘s famous free dinosaur promos, this one’s packed with great paintings on every page. Now remember, 42 years of paleontology have updated our vision of these magnificient creatures. In 2005, for example, we found evidence of feathers on the tail of a tyrannosaur. William Stout included this incredible update in his mural depiction of a tyrannosaur at the San Diego Natural History Musuem. And we now conceive of the tails not dragging heavily on the ground but in far more alert and active poses. Still, the paintings are a lot of fun.

Featuring brontosaurus, struthiomimus, trachodon, tyrannosaurus, triceratops, ankylosaurus, corythosaurus, ornitholestes, and stegosaurus.

Too bad Sinclair didn’t credit the artist. He signed the works, but his name…? If you know, please fill us in.

UPDATE December 18, 2012: Thank you to reader Mark Menendez who used the power of enlargement to read the signature we missed: Matthew Kalmenoff. We’ll do some more research on him. But, for now, here is his blurb from the American Museum of Natural History:

Matthew Kalmenoff (1905-1986)

“Kal,” as he was known to his fellow artists, was employed at the AMNH from the 1950s through the early 1970s. His work can be found in the Hall of North American Forests, the renovated Hall of North American Birds, and in the Small Mammal Corridor of the Hall of North American Mammals.

Now enjoy the complete “Sinclair and the Exciting World of Dinosaurs!”