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Today’s gallery showcases the complete 1967 booklet “Sinclair and the Exciting World of Dinosaurs.” Another one of Sinclair‘s famous free dinosaur promos, this one’s packed with great paintings on every page.

Since 1967, paleontology has updated our vision of these magnificent creatures. In 2005, for example, we found evidence of feathers on the tail of a tyrannosaur. William Stout included this incredible update in his tyrannosaur mural at the San Diego Natural History Museum. Now we conceive of their tails not dragging heavily on the ground, but in far more alert and active poses. Still, these 1960s paintings are a lot of fun.

sinclair dinosaur 1967 -006

Thank you to reader Edward Dietrich who, in 2017, told me of an earlier printing of this booklet dated 1964, released for the Sinclair Dinoland exhibit at the New York World’s Fair, 1964-1965. He sent the following three images, which are that edition’s cover and two additional pages illustrating the exhibit.

Sinclair Cover 1964 001

Sinclair Dinoland Edition – cover

Sinclair Exhibit 001

Sinclair Exhibit 002.jpg

Have you seen my scans of photos from Sinclair at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair?

Thank you to reader Mark Menendez who, in 2012, used the power of enlargement to find the artist’s signature in these images and identify him: Matthew Kalmenoff. The American Museum of Natural History says:

Matthew Kalmenoff (1905-1986)

“Kal,” as he was known to his fellow artists, was employed at the AMNH from the 1950s through the early 1970s. His work can be found in the Hall of North American Forests, the renovated Hall of North American Birds, and in the Small Mammal Corridor of the Hall of North American Mammals.

Reader Edward Dietrich adds that Kalmenoff also contributed color illustrations to a wonderful Golden Stamp Book book I loved when I was a kid: Animals of the Past. Thank you for reminding me off this forgotten treasure, and revealing its connection to the Sinclair booklet! Collectors and prehistoric animal enthusiasts can sometimes find this book on eBay and Amazon.

Animals of the Past - kalmenoff- cover

cover art by Charles McVicker

Animals of the Past - kalmenoff- smilodon stamp

Smilodon! by Matthew Kalmenoff

Kalmenoff’s paintings from this 1970s book, along with black and white line drawings by Robert Gartland, appear to be recycled from a 1950s edition called The Golden Play Book of Animals from the Past Stamps. You can find scans of many of that edition’s interior pages and stamps at the blog Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs.


a page of Kalmenoff’s stamps from the 1950s edition


a page from the 1950s edition

Kalmenoff’s painted mosasaur stamp rocks my world. I want a wall-sized version. And how can you not love the Skull of Uinta Beast? It’s a doom metal album cover! This is a charming book even if it makes numerous outdated statements about dinosaur biology, such as depicting brontosaurs spending all their time in water. For a more current take on brontos, you’ll need Ted Rechlin’s awesome graphic novel, Jurassic.

And now, without further ado, please enjoy the complete 1967 edition of “Sinclair and the Exciting World of Dinosaurs!” Featuring brontosaurus, struthiomimus, trachodon, tyrannosaurus, triceratops, ankylosaurus, corythosaurus, ornitholestes, and stegosaurus.

sinclair dinosaur 1967 -001sinclair dinosaur 1967 -002sinclair dinosaur 1967 -004sinclair dinosaur 1967 -005sinclair dinosaur 1967 -006 - Copysinclair dinosaur 1967 -007sinclair dinosaur 1967 -008sinclair dinosaur 1967 -009sinclair dinosaur 1967 -010sinclair dinosaur 1967 -011sinclair dinosaur 1967 -012sinclair dinosaur 1967 -013sinclair dinosaur 1967 -014

WOW! If, after all that, you are dying to see more paleoart from Matthew Kalmenoff, you’ll dig his black-and-white drawings from the 1956 book, All About Strange Beasts from the Past (written by Roy Chapman Andrews). Yes, you can find it on Amazon. But for samples of the interior, visit DinosaurHome, where we got the following images. If you thought Kalmenoff’s “Skull of Uinta Beast” stamp was doom metal, then check these out!