Longbox Graveyard sent us a high-quality scan of this Alex Niño artwork for John Carter, Warlord of Mars. Check out their review of Marvel’s original John Carter series today!

You know we are huge Niño fans with an extensive Alex Niño Gallery. So what was the deal with Niño doing John Carter artwork? We don’t know, but he nailed it. We don’t just want to live on Mars – we want to live on Alex Niño’s Mars!

– From John Carter, Warlord of Mars #3. Marvel, 1977.

Gotta have more John Carter? We have scans from the second issue of John Carter Warlord of Mars. A fan blog called John Carter Warlord of Comics has 7 pages of scans from Marvel’s third issue. Inker Rudy Nebres – another Filipino artist at DC, like Niño – is covered more at Scott’s Classic Comics Corner. John Carter also makes an appearance in the first issue of the second League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill.

As for Alex Niño, we are huge fans of the “Addicted to Alex Niño” series on Diversions of the Groovy Kind – which features complete stories! PencilInk also has a nice compendium of Alex Niño appearances in comic books.

Here on Mars Will Send No More we collected Space Voyagers, and an ongoing gallery of work from the out-of-print Satan’s Tears. To dig our whole online Alex Niño gallery, just click Alex Niño.

Shopping for Alex Niño: Alex Niño’s work was featured in DC Comics publications such as Weird War Tales, House of Mystery, and House of Secrets. You will also find Alex Niño in issues of Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion, Secrets of Sinister House, Weird Mystery Tales, and The Witching Hour. Alex Niño also appeared in Warren’s Creepy and Heavy Metal.

Shopping for John Carter comic books: Dark Horse Comics recently collected all the original Marvel issues and three annuals in the John Carter Warlord of Mars TPB. Check it out! Marv Wolfman worked on a John Carter series at DC before he did it for Marvel. That’s collected in the John Carter of Mars Weird Worlds TPB. Dynamite Entertainment has been publishing Warlord of Mars since 2010, with a number of spin-offs. Disney collected all the original novels in a three-volume Collected John Carter of Mars paperback, for a total of 2656 pages of classic sci-fi adventure!