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In October 2011, we ran a 1950 ad for the Lucky Skull Ring – made of Genuine Eternium! A reader believes he has one of the original Lucky Skull Rings – minus the jeweled eyes. He sent us this photograph (below.) He would like more information on the secret origin of the Lucky Skull Ring. Visit our Contact Page and drop us a line if you have stories, ads, anecdotes, or photos of your own Lucky Skull Ring to share with us.

Our reader had this to say about his historic ring:

“When my dad was in high school in the late 1940’s, he worked a summer at the community pool. When the pool was drained for the winter, my dad found this ring. He told me he thinks that it used to have “jewels” in the eyes. He gave it to me about 30 years ago. I wore it for a while and then put it away. I was looking through an old jewelry box the other day and came across the ring. Out of curiosity, I started doing web searches for skull rings and came across the old ad on your website.

The ring is just as shiny as the day my dad gave it to me 30 years ago and probably the same as the day he found it. So that “Eternium” stuff must be really tough :-). I suspect it’s stainless steel, because it is not magnetic and it’s fairly heavy (3/8 oz. or 13 grams.)”

2016 Update: The legend of the Lucky Skull Ring lives on! Kurt Spitzner of CinchSet kindly sent us a photo of “a real live kid sporting just such a ring.” The image below features a young actor in a 1955 Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse Club serial called The Adventures of Spin and Marty. Visit Kurt’s historical archives to find out more about this series!

Eternium - lucky skull ring in disney

Below, you can see the complete original ad page from Captain Science #1, 1950. It displays the name and mailing address of the company selling the Lucky Skull Ring and also the Lucky Pirate Ring: the cryptic “Montrose Co,” sporting a New York address with no zip code. Curious! Maybe that is a clue for you astute researchers of Lucky Skull Ring lore!

2016 UPDATE:
The legend of the Lucky Skull Ring continues to sweep the globe in this painting sent to us by reader Matt Eddmenson. Check out his website and get hip to him on Instagram to see even more art inspired by The Lucky Skull Ring!

lucky skull ring painting by matthew eddmenson.jpg