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As an exception to our rule of mercilessly, ruthlessly gutting all of the ads from our golden age favorites, we present a handful of ads that made the grade. Notice that none of them include tobacco or firearms, which was quite common in the good old days! Nothing like loading the clip and lighting up, huh? But not these – just wholesome space walkie talkies, martian bubblegum, and something to hold your nuts up!

Note: Some of these Comicscopes are still around. We saw a Comicscope on eBay for $85 the other day. The Jack Kirby Museum has three great articles on the Comicscope with pictures of the real thing, a diagram of the interior, and more ads.

Now thrill to the NEW ComicScope – Screen Your Favorite Comics in Full Color just like 63,458 other kids! AMAZING! We had no idea what people did before blog technology?!

Scans courtesy of the Digital Comic Museum.
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