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My northwest pen pal sent me this pic of a super-hero mural in Olympia. This beauty graces the Old School Pizzeria at 108 Franklin St NE in Olympia, WA. If you’re in the neighborhood, drop in for a pizza – and tell them Mars Will Send No More sent you! You can even check out their menu first.

Update 1: We shared this image with r/comicbooks on Reddit and learned something. This image comes from an old puzzle produced by Marvel Comics. It was called “Marvel Super-Heroes Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle.” It had 300 pieces and came in a box that told you all the character names on the back. We saw a couple for sale on eBay and totally stole the sellers’ pictures for you – see our gallery.

Update 2: Special thanks to reader Christopher Ross, who wrote to tell us he painted this awesome mural!

Hi. My name is Christopher Ross. I painted this mural 10 years ago for my friends who own the pizzeria. I’m stoked you love it. The owner of Old School grew up with the puzzle. I painted it in 10 days in the summer of 2002. Its all freehand, no projections. It is 17×24 feet, and the 132 characters are life size.