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Genus. What can we say? The pictures say it all: Anthropomorphic animals posing for your viewing pleasure. We find it more than a little disturbing that cartoon animals violently murdering and torturing their bodies is promoted as acceptable children’s entertainment, but cartoon animals enjoying their bodies in loving ways is considered suitable only for 18 and up. No wonder our culture is infatuated with war: Violence good, sexuality bad.

But you don’t need us to play thought police for you… You just dropped by to see some cats! It seems impossible to find a complete set of Genus these days, and back issues go from $5 to $30 on eBay. We were lucky enough to find a few on our top-secret 50-cent rack. Now who whould let a cute kitty like this go for 50 cents?

Collector’s Guide:
– From Genus #58 and #60; Sin Factory / Radio Comix
If your LCS doesn’t carry these, go direct to the publisher: Radio Comix.
Or, try Rip Off Press.