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No collection of pure dinosaur comics is complete without the mother of all dinosaur comics, Young Earth! Young Earth appeared in the golden age comic, Turok Son of Stone. Published first under the Dell imprint and then by Gold Key, Turok sees the light of day again in an archival reprint series by Dark Horse. We will share with you the complete original educational series of dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, and other animals of prehistoric earth. Enjoy!

Today we share with you a complete collection of the black-and-white dinosaur features from the inside covers of Turok Son of Stone, issues #1-69. That’s fifteen, pulse-pounding dinos in your face! Heck, we’ll even throw in a full color dimetrodon feature from one of the back covers. A must-have for any serious collector of pure dinosaur comics!

Some of the mighty dinosaurs you will encounter in today’s gallery: Styracosaurus, trachodon, brontosaurus, iguanodon, ornithomimus, stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, protoceratops, ankylosaurus, triceratops, parasaurolophus, compsognathus, and paleoscincus (misspelled here as paleoscinus).

Also, the swimming reptiles (not really dinos but shared the earth with them): tylosaurus, stenoterygius, icthyosaurus, and plesiosaurus.

The flying reptiles: pteranodon, pterodactyl, and ramphorynchus.

Dimetrodon was not a dino but a pre-cursor, but he’s cool enough to make the grade here. Don’t believe the hype about him facing a T. Rex. Dimetrodon was extinct by the Cretaceous period when T. Rex lived. We’ve learned a little more about the dinos since the 1950s!

Finally, you’ll find some of the prehistoric birds, descendents of the dinos: hesperornis, icthyornis, dinornis, phororhacos, and diatryma.

Think you can handle all that?! Then enjoy our gallery!

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