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Dell Comics’ Keys of Knowledge may not be comics at all. Why? Because comics are sequential. Comics tell stories. These are really illustrations with captions, not truly comics.

We won’t hold that fine distinction against them. Because… Dude! Anteater! Shark! Violent Baboons! Nuff Said! Anyway, The Keys of Knowledge in the gallery below come from the original Turok Son of Stone. Yes, Martian, we are feverishly compiling all of the Young Earth stories from Turok to share with you very soon.

What’s Young Earth, you say? Dinosaurs. The first pure dinosaur comics of all time, according to Steve Bissette — and by “pure” we mean NO HUMANS and no anthropomorphizing. No time travel. JUST STORIES ABOUT PREHISTORIC CRITTERS DOING THEIR PREHISTORIC THING! YES!!

Anyway! Back to the Keys of Knowledge: Wild Animals of Africa from Turok #31, Fish from Turok #35, Wild Animals of South America from Turok #36, Wild Animals of North America from Turok #39 & #42, and Wild Animals of Asia (TIGER) from Turok #43. The black-and-white ones come from the inside covers of the issues. We don’t know if Dark Horse is including these babies in their new reprints of the original Turok, but we hope so. Because we dig these educational animal comics a hell of a lot more than those dumb Turok and Andar stories!