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No collection of pure dinosaur comics is complete without the mother of all dinosaur comics, Young Earth! You will find included with today’s four-page tale Creatures of the Grassland the single page The Misfits. No, not Glen Danzig’s old band! We’re talking about Titanotherium and Megatherium! With special guest appearances by Glyptodon, Smilodon, Alticamelus, Promerychochoerus, and more!

What’s with all the -theriums? Therium comes from a word that translates as “beast”. And we don’t mean that in the somewhat monstrous connotation it carries today. It’s just a synonym for animal — as in, birds and beasts. So, MegaTherium = big beast; BrontoTherium = thunder beast; BaluchiTherium = uhhh… still working on that one, folks.

And that wraps up our presentation of the complete prehistoric mammal stories from Young Earth in Turok Son of Stone issues #1-69. We’ll be back for more Young Earth with a complete gallery of the dinosaur stories from these issues. If you thought prehistoric mammals were awesome, just wait until we look at the terrible reptiles! YES!

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