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1987 was an awesome year to be alive. The world wasn’t full of sensitive assholes talking about their “issues” and “managing their anger.” No! When we wanted to work out some aggression, we dressed up in barbed wire and leather and went out to kill superheroes! That’s right!

Why? Why? Because superheroes are scum! The lowest form of life! Superheroes are bacteria!

And to prove it, here’s the first issue of Marshal Law for you. Raging from the twisted minds of Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill, Marshal Law will nuke you slowly, shatter your dreams, and disturb you for a long, long time. You’ll love it!

Collector’s Guide:
– From Marshall Law #1; 1987, Epic.
– Reprinted in Marshal Law Fear and Loathing TPB.
– Reprinted in Marshal Law Omnibus.

Also recommended to deviants like you:
– Marshal Law Kingdom of the Blind
Marshal Law Takes Manhattan
– Marshal Law Super Babylon
– Marshal Law Secret Tribunal
– Marshal Law The Hateful Dead

Now read the whole issue, or frag off, Starpo Pig!