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Miracleman #1. Here’s where the most celebrated comic book story of all time got its start. Witness the humble beginning where Miracleman tells his wife about his ‘secret origin.’ She asks how she’s supposed to believe such a ‘bloody stupid story!’ HA! Lady, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

This first issue should keep you Martians busy while Marvel decides whether or not they can reprint the issues of ‘Marvelman’ anyone actually gives a damn about. “Behold! I teach you the superman! He is this lightning! He is this madness!” KIMOTA!

Collector’s Guide:
-From MiracleMan #1; Eclipse, 1985.
Story by Alan Moore, Art by Gary Leach.
– Originally printed in Warrior Magazine #1-3 (black and white); Quality, 1982.
– Reprinted in MiracleMan TPB #1; Eclipse, 1988.

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