Be as Free as You Want – If You’re Willing to Pay the Price!

luke cage power man origin with black panther

4 thoughts on “luke cage026”

  1. Curious to juxtapose this with the original Luke Cage origin you posted last week.

    Was this published as a black & white story or is that just the way it reproduced?


    • This flashback sequence, kicking off the main storyline, received a vintage black and white treatment, but the complete story (Black Panther #10) is full color.

      Generally we get bored with re-told origins, but Hudlin’s addition of Cage’s musings on the Black Panther and freedom were a nice touch. You can appreciate it on its own, but it also sets up the ensuing interaction between Cage and T’Challa in the main story. Cage gets hired to be a body guard by a guy who starts some trouble with Panther…


  2. Thanks for the love. I hadn’t read that story since I wrote it. Eaton’s art is incredible.

    If folks are looking for a place to find the original book, or comics featuring black characters in general, go to and order the books, t-shirts, statues, etc.


  3. Thank you for dropping by, Reggie!
    And thank you for all the rockin’ Black Panther stories!


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