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John Byrne rocked our worlds with the follow-up Next Men series recently at IDW, giving us a resolution to the greatest cliff hanger of all time at the end of Next Men #30 about 15 years ago. John, it was worth the wait! We’re looking forward to Aftermath also.

We were just corresponding with the good folks at IDW, and they sent us some images from the covers of John Byrne‘s next IDW project: Cold War. You can bet we already have our subscription on order! Here are the cover images we received, with permission to reprint them here from IDW.

Notice how John’s cooked up some alternate covers with a “propaganda poster” feel to them. IDW says there will be one for each issue of Cold War. Very cool!

Collector’s Guide:
– From Cold War #1-4; IDW, 2011.
– Reprinted in the Cold War TPB.