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We were obsessively scouring the 50-cent rack for hidden treasures the other day. Two guys were making fun of a comic book. One guy was teasing the other about how much he wanted the Super-Friends Special. “Look, dude,” he said, “You know you want this one. The puzzles haven’t even been drawn on.” They laughed at this ridiculous book. At last they wandered off, leaving it behind.

We were glad they did, because we had this book at a very young age and it had since disappeared. So, laugh all you want, but this was one of our very first comic books, and we were nostalgically glad to be re-united for 50 cents. You can score the 1981 Super-Friends Special for about $5 in Fine or VG+ condition at My Comic Shop. It contains 2 feature stories and the following 15 pages of fun and games.