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Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing may be the most-reviewed comic book series on the web. So we’re not going to discuss how it’s one of the greatest things written in comics — or anywhere else. We’ll just let the story speak for itself!

Here is the complete “Anatomy Lesson” story that started it all. Well, issue 20 gave Moore a chance to wrap up the story lines started by Marty Pasko, but this is the issue that pulled the rug out from under all that to launch an exciting new direction.

Steve Bissette’s MyRant discusses more of the creation of the first few issues of Moore’s Swamp Thing, including original script pages from Moore, examples of John Totleben’s incredible contribution as inker, and credit to Rick Veitch on the interior shots of Sunderland’s office building in “Anatomy Lesson.”

These scans come from a reprint DC/Vertigo created when the Watchmen movie came out. Branded “What’s Next,” the $1 reprints aimed to take the momentum of the movie and create some new fans for more Vertigo titles beyond Watchmen. The “Anatomy Lesson” reprint of Saga of the Swamp Thing #21 proved especially awesome: Never before (not even in the TPBs) has the art appeared so crisp and perfect, and Tatjana Wood’s coloring of this issue came to life like never before on the high-quality paper.

Enough exposition! Let’s get to the heart of what makes our favorite muck-encrusted mockery of a man really tick!