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Rex Riders exploded into bookstores on June 21 like a stampeding herd of triceratops! Did you say you needed aliens with your dinosaurs? No Problem! Bullwhip fights on the frontier? You got it! How about a gigantic platform with four carved apatosaurs waiting in a secret cave to teleport you to another planet? A planet of jungle and roaming carnivore packs from our own distant past? Coming right up!

JP Carlson crafted a 430-page adventure just for you. He even throws in a barn infested with giant flesh-eating beetles that fly. If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you, you’re at the wrong web site!

We preview a page of the text below, along with stunning illustrations from Jim Calafiore, and the amygdala-annihilating cover artwork of Fabio Pastori. Today’s cover art bonus includes JP’s bio, too! We share a few more of our favorite Rex Riders moments with you this summer in a Rex Riders Gallery. Meanwhile, Ride your own Rex right over to Amazon and score REX RIDERS today!

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