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Alright. Before you go bagging on Lotor, WE KNOW. Raccoons, Dimetrodons, and Triceratopsians all lived in different geologic eras, separated by millions of years. But this story is pulled from the pages of Turok Son of Stone, which just happens to take place in a totally &%$#!-up reality where biologies from all periods of history coexist. It was the Savage Land of our grandfathers when they were little tykes.

That being said, Lotor is a bad-a$$. He doesn’t give a %$#@ about taking on a T-Rex bare handed. His lady Keenah has a keen eye for real estate. He steals Allosaurus eggs to feed his kids. ALLOSAURUS EGGS! We don’t care if that makes biological or historical sense or not. It rules!

As far as we can tell, Lotor appeared in only two stories, in Turok #6 and #7. Witness all 7 and 1/2 pages of their breath-taking beauty in the gallery below.