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Volume 2 of Alien Legion kicks off with Major Sarigar leaving the legion to find his lost crew. By issue #6, the team is back in full swing, though a little worse for wear, and a bunch of new recruits join their ranks. In Alien Legion #5, Jugger Grimrod — the team’s bad attitude guy — gets lost on an alien world, and unwittingly uncovers a major galactic consipiracy. Much to his surprise, the Legion promotes him. (He hasn’t had a very good track record as a soldier so far.) Turns out, he hates it.

And that’s all the back story you need, Martian! Here is Jugger Grimrod’s first mission as an officer, wherein he meets his new aide Balveebes and gets swallowed by an alien monster. Cue the bleedin’ sludge pile!

Collector’s Guide: From Alien Legion Vol. 2 #6; 1989, Epic/Marvel. Reprinted in Alien Legion Omnibus #2.

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