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In the first issue of Captain America: Nick Fury dresses up as Cap to save Bucky from a druidic faction of the KKK who lives in sewers. Will he free Bucky from the evil bomb in time?

Hey – Wait a minute… That’s not Captain America! Ha! Good catch, martian. That’s Captain Battle #1, published in the summer of 1941. Captain America first appeared in March of 1941. Looks to us like another publisher was trying to cash in on the Cap craze! It’s a lengthy issue with plenty of Hitler-bashing you can find at the Digital Comic Museum.

You’ll find, below, the back-up tale featuring Blackout. A generation later, Marvel introduced a character named Blackout – a Nova villain by Marv Wolfman and Carmine Infantino. Marvel’s version was not a friend of the oppressed like his Golden Age predecessor. He was a psychotic murderer who stole costume ideas from Electro. Blackout also gave the Avengers trouble in the awe-inspiring run by Roger Stern and John Buscema.

Enjoy this blast from the past or see more from our Golden Age Comics Gallery.