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Good luck finding these on eBay, because I bought every one I could find. Ha ha ha! Hate me now, love me later. I don’t give a $#%@, because I just got an A in Trigonometry for summer semester! Since I’m in a celebratory mood, you get to check out these awesome postcards from Mark Schultz.

In case you just woke up from inter-dimensional suspended animation in a colony headed to Antares, and don’t know who Mark Schultz is, he composed Xenozoic Tales, later reprinted as Cadillacs and Dinosaurs by Epic, and appearing recently collected in the Xenozic TPB. After the ecologic cataclysm, the last men and women fight to survive a prehistoric nightmare. If that doesn’t sound like a perfect tag line, you are at the wrong web site! Go get your face chewed off by a Tyrannosaur!