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We looked at the Origin of Galactus in Super Villain Classics #1 from May 1983. The credits list supplemental artwork. Just what was it they needed to supplement? It all becomes clear when you realize the material from SVC#1 compiles material that was spread throughout several issues of Thor in 1969, courtesy of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

Here is a look at the original material from Thor #162. Odin tells Thor about the first world Galactus ever devoured. There’s so much cortex-catalyzing Jack Kirby artwork that we’re breaking it into two parts: Part One. Part Two. Compare it to the origin of Galactus in Super Villain Classics and see how they changed text and modified artwork.

Thor featured a major Galactus/cosmic peril storyline beginning in #160. Fans of Adam Warlock know that #165-166 were among Warlock’s first appearances. Thor #162, 168, and #169 revealed the Origin of Galactus — just in case you want a truly complete collection!