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Get a load of the stodgy old professor scolding one of his misbehaving students. These images are so inappropriate for the school that I will have to paint one for my pad. Just wait until Prof finds out who is really under that helmet…

Magneto’s had a lot of interpretations by different authors over the years. To some writers, he is a victim of the Nazi death camps of the 1940s. In these stories he is painted more sympathetically, as a man who has been at the bad end of racial hate, defending his newly emerging species from that same hate. I like that Magneto, even if his arrogance always trips him up.

Other times, he’s just a kill-crazy power-tripping egomaniacal jackass. That’s how Grant Morrison portrays him in New X-Men anyway.

Collector’s Guide:
–Originally printed in X-Men #146 when it was being published under the title New X-Men by writer Grant Morrison. Art by Phil Jimenez.