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In 1989, New Comics Group published two issues of Asylum. The first issue featured two of our favorite artists on the same story: Steve Bissette and Alex Niño.

Whoa – We must be dreaming! Feast your eyes on the furious western horror of their nine-page epic, Spurs.

Collector’s Guide:
– From Asylum #1.

Collector’s Guide to Alex Niño:
Alex Niño’s work was featured in DC Comics publications such as Weird War Tales, House of Mystery, and House of Secrets. You will also find Alex Niño in issues of Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion, Secrets of Sinister House, Weird Mystery Tales, and The Witching Hour. Alex Niño also appeared in Warren’s Creepy and Heavy Metal.

Here on Mars Will Send No More we collected Space Voyagers, and some work from the out-of-print Satan’s Tears.