Are you ready for the World That’s Coming?! Jack Kirby’s OMAC (One Man Army Corps) is ready! Mars Will Send No More presents a gallery of the complete splash panels and double-splash pages from Jack Kirby’s futuristic science fiction masterpiece! And that includes the cerebellum-blasting covers, too! Just joining our OMAC exhibit? Click OMAC Gallery here to see what we’ve got for you so far.

Omac #1-8 (1974, Jack Kirby) Get the original!

Are you feeling a strange compulsion to join the world that’s coming by buying some classic OMAC? Here’s what we have in My Comic Shop:

Omac #1-8 (1974, Jack Kirby)
The original!

Jack Kirby’s Omac One Man Army Corps Hard Cover (2008)
176 pages, full color. Reprints complete 1974 series.

You’ll also love John Byrne’s version!
Omac One Man Army Corps #1-4 (1991, John Byrne)
TPB format, black & white

Finally, you might enjoy this modern take:
Omac (2006 2nd Series, Bruce Jones & Renato Guedes)