Alien Laughter Fills the Jungle as the Hunters Flee!

alien pig farm 3000 no. 1

2 thoughts on “alien pig farm 164”

  1. Do you think pig farming is a good business?


    • This comment appears to be spam but has a certain charm. We assure you, yama22, that we are in no position to judge the merits of pig farming as a business. We do hope, however, that if you decide to pursue it, that you do it in a humane way. Too many animals today are kept in cruel and torturous conditions their entire lives on industrial and corporate farms. We hope that if you do decide to raise animals for the sole purpose of killing them later that you give them enjoyable lives with fresh air, sunlight, real food, and plenty of space to play. While we do not object to the killing and eating of animals, we strongly object to keeping them in torture prisons. We also object to castration without anaesthetic, branding, and other forms of torture.


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