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John Byrne is working on a new Next Men series now, published by IDW. It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Byrne wrote and drew what we consider his masterpiece: the original Next Men. Dig this seven-page irradiated love scene from issue #9. We didn’t know mutates did that! “Fascinating!”

Collector’s Guide:
– From Next Men #9; Dark Horse.
– Reprinted in Next Men TPB #2; Dark Horse, 1994.

IDW Reprints:
– Reprinted in Compleat Next Men TPB; IDW, 2008.
– Reprinted in Classic Next Men TPB; IDW, 2011.
– Reprinted in Next Men hardcover premiere edition; IDW, 2009.

Series continuation at IDW:
– Don’t miss the series continuation at IDW: Next Men; also in hardcover
– And the conclusion comes in Next Men: Aftermath!