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Requiem is a gorgeously painted tale of the Silver Surfer’s last days. Along the way, he visits old friends, gets a super awesome globe that shows what a difference he made in the course of human affairs, and stops a centuries-old galactic war. Nice way to go out, Surfer!

Here are just a few pages of set-up from one of the four issues. Yeah, these awesome space scenes are just set up! We love the Surfer’s solution to the madness of war — but you’ll have to get the Silver Surfer Requiem Hardcover to read all about it! Or, try the single issues and the TPB.

Esad Ribic really brings the Straczynski script to life. We’ve seen some other work by Esad Ribic but nothing like this.

Speaking of awesome takes on the Silver Surfer, we love this cover to Ultimate Extinction. It’s a fresh take on the “Silver Surfer as avatar of Galactus” concept. MyComicShop usually carries all five issues of Ultimate Extinction for about a buck a piece. We keep hoping Marvel will help us nerd out completely and put out an omnibus with Ultimate Extinction, Ultimate Nightmare, and Ultimate Secret. That was one excellent tale of the (almost) end of the world!

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