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What can we say about Penny Century, an offbeat book by the creators of Love and Rockets? If you know anything about Fantagraphics, you can expect to see things censored by just about every other major comics publisher. The funny thing is, Penny Century #2 is mostly concerned with an innocent childhood tale and would pass a “PG” rating. Then, issue #3 explodes all over the map: science fiction, horror, straight sex, gay sex, full frontal nudity with males and females alike, strippers, lesbians shopping in superhero lingerie – WTF?!?! What the Heck is going on? We don’t know, but it’s quirky, it’s off-beat, and it’s different! See for yourself!

Collector’s Guide:
The Hernandez Brothers of Love and Rockets fame spun off some of their characters into Penny Century. Fantagraphics published 7 issues of Penny Century and collected them in the Penny Century TPB.

The TPB includes all 3 issues of the female wrestling extravaganza Whoa Nellie. Check out our post on Whoa Nellie for some eye-popping artwork!