You can still find Marvel Value Stamps in Marvel comics from the 1970’s — unless some rabid fan-boy cut the damn thing out and put it in his Stamp Book! We’ve included our modest collection of Marvel Value Stamps for your viewing pleasure, along with some references to their source books. We do not have anywhere near a complete set but can’t resist scanning them whenever they show up.

Besides, if you dream of seeing them all together, you can view a complete set of Marvel Value Stamps. That incredible site also has a complete listing of all Marvel Value Stamp issues, including Series B, and a finished value stamp book.

Once you’ve sated your lust for Marvel Value Stamps, visit our post about DC Value Stamps to see the response from the Distinguished Competition!

Hulk Stamp 5: Not a part of either Series A or Series B Value Stamps, this numbered Hulk stamp appeared on the Bullpen Bonus page in issues with a cover month/date of March 1974. In Series A, the Hulk Stamp was number 2 and had different artwork.

Iron Man Value Stamp 5: From Creatures on the Loose #28

Black Bolt Value Stamp 17: From Ka-Zar #6. You can read this entire killer dinosaur issue at Diversions of the Groovy Kind.

Watcher Value Stamp 37 From Creatures on the Loose #29

Loki Value Stamp 40: From Kull #14

Man-Wolf Value Stamp 42: From Kull #15

Electro Value Stamp 94: From Strange Tales #76

Mole Man Value Stamp 95 :From Ka-Zar #12. We have excerpts of this dinosaur-loaded issue at Lizard Men! We are Lost!

Doctor Octopus Value Stamp 96: From Avengers #130

“Teaser” Value Stamp 100: This question mark stamp appeared on the Bullpen Bonus Page in issues with a cover month/date of April 1974. It was “teased” the appearance of the real Stamp #100, Galactus.

Series B Value Stamp 76: Combined with other stamps to make a larger picture of Hulk smashing. From Avengers #147