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Artist Steve Bissette guest-authored a series on Palaeoblog about the history of dinosaur comic books. They come from the introduction he crafted for Jim Lawson’s Paleo: Tales of the Late Cretaceous. The only drawback: you can’t ever find them in the right order on Palaeoblog! As a public service to dinosaur comic book fans across the glode, Mars Will Send No More offers a comprehensive set of links to these mind-expanding articles in sequential order:

Steve Bissette’s 10-part guest column on Palaeoblog: “The Paleo-Path.”

Part 1: Unearthing Origins
Part 2: From Alley Oop to The Ancient Great Plains
Part 3: Jesse Marsh and TARZAN
Part 4: Turok, Part 1
Part 5: Turok, Part 2
Part 6: “Classics” Illustrated
Part 7: Gorgo’s Mash O’Monsters
Part 8: Up From The Underground
Part 9: Jim Lawson’s Paleo!
Part 10: Interview with Steve Bissette

Just in case you’ve been trapped on an alien spaceship for the last few decades and haven’t discovered Steve Bissette, dig the Steve Bissette website. He even gives free drawing lessons on his site. You can see how a master of black and white artwork creates a comic book masterpiece from the ground up!

Steve Bissette is also the creative mastermind behind the four-issue series Tyrant. It explores the life cycle, the behavior, and the environment of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and her babies. Bissette devotes an entire issue to the development of the fetal Tyrannosaur. This biology lesson will absolutely blow your mind!

Collector’s Guide: If you can’t find the complete first printing of Tyrant in stock, try the second printing.