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For MLK Day, feast your eyes on the on the first page in recorded history where we see a black Spider-man, long before Marvel introduced Miles Morales. Jenkins wrote issues #20-50 on this series, and it’s a good read. The covers by Humberto Ramos are a real treat. Jenkins continued scripting Spidey in The Spectacular Spider-man #1-27 in 2003, with Humberto Ramos taking over most of the interior artwork.

Collector’s Guide: From Peter Parker Spider-man #35, Jan. 1999.
Story by Paul Jenkins, art by Mark Buckingham/Wayne Faucher.

And though the story of a black Captain America has been told more than once, our hands-down favorite is from The Crew in 2003. Story by Priest, Pencils by Bennet.

Priest kicked it into high gear to write an awesome action story beginning in the pages of Black Panther. Teaming up with Bennet (and a run of Black Panther pencilers including Jorge Lucas and Jim Calafiore) was a great idea, because this team crafted the best Black Panther story since McGregor’s Jungle Action run in the 1970s. The story ran through Black Panther issues #50-62 and continues in The Crew #1-7. Sales of this grossly under-rated minor masterpiece brought The Crew to an early close. These Black Panther and The Crew issues mostly sell in NM or VF condition for a buck or two a piece, so grab a stack today.