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The Invasion of the Dragon Men on Power Records features reptilian aliens led by Draco the Dragon. They’ve come to take over earth, and only Spidey can stop them.

Due to high demand, we made available our collection of the complete audio recordings from this record as well as the full-length illustrated story. Just click Invasion of the Dragon Men to enjoy our collection and mutate your own DNA in terrifying, reptilian ways!

We had an LP in the early 1980s that collected this story with a few others. But the LP did not have the fully illustrated versions. It just had the audio on record. A little research on the Power Records blog yields the perfect match: The Amazing Spider-man Vol II LP. Pretty cool that the site links to audio for all 5 of the stories! Below, you can see the 4-panel illustrated version we had way back when:

If you’re having a wave of nostalgia and want to pick up a few Power Records goodies, check out Power Records at MyComicShop.

“I deactivated your deactivator! Now what does that do to your flakey plan, Drakey Baby!” – Spider-man