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Collector’s Guide:
– From Classic X-Men #10, Marvel Comics.

Art by John Bolton.

Classic X-Men was more than just a re-package. Some serious thought went into the series. Additional pages were added. The stories and the characters got a chance to breathe a little more – like a Director’s Cut. John Bolton’s work was featured in back-up stories that expanded the themes of the originals. Art Adams put out some covers that blew away the originals.

Yes it was awesome, and it still is. If you had to buy the originals of this series, you’d spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Heck, just for the first story in Giant Size X-men would be hundreds. But don’t withdraw your IRA early to get great X-men stories. Just get Classic X-men! Most of these issues run you a dollar in NM or VF condition.

All the Dave Cockrum issues, John Byrne issues, Paul Smith issues, and John Romita, Jr. issues from Uncanny X-Men #94-206. PLUS artfully expanded stories and a gorgeous package featuring all new artwork. It’s tempting to pick up the whole series for less than $200!