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Too Bad for Them We’re Out of Here!

too bad for them were out of here (2)

Too Bad for Them We’re Out of Here!
acrylic/enamel on canvas
16 x 20 in.

Too Bad for Them We’re Out of Here, loosely based on a panel from X-Men #5, revels in the exaggerated grittiness of 90s comic books.
Here’s to Extreme Everything!

Acrylic paint and Derwent Inktense water-based ink combine with line work done in Sharpie Paint Pen. Three coats of gloss acrylic varnish add brightness, protection, sheen, and durability.

Buy it on eBay.

too bad for them were out of here (3)

too bad for them were out of here (4)

too bad for them were out of here (5)

too bad for them were out of here (7)

too bad for them were out of here (8)

too bad for them were out of here (6)

gasmask girl

gasmask girl 1 - Copy

Obscured by smoke and a gasmask, her femininity may not be apparent at first. This study of a cartoon character we created zooms in for an intimate close-up, shrouded in mystery.

This is our first finished Gasmask Girl, but we’ll be seeing more of her. You can buy a print of Gasmask Girl, on everything from a greeting card to a full canvas print. Pretty cool!

pastel portraits 15 & 16

pastel portrait 15 - Copy

pastel portrait 16 - Copy

Here we have two pastel portraits on toned tan paper. In fact, these are the last two pages of the big notebook of tanned paper our art teacher gave us in July. Few gifts have ever been so well loved as this one, and we will definitely get a second notebook to fill with weird and wonderful things!

You can now get prints of Portrait #16, from greeting cards to full canvas prints, through FineArtAmerica.

We didn’t put #15 up for sale. She got some smudges on her. But she is fun, and we’ll do another like her with our next blank notebook.

pastel portrait 14

pastel portrait 14-002 - Copy

Pastel Portrait 14

the soul’s midnight
it must give way to the dawn
but lord knows the night is long

- timezone lafontaine


You can buy high-quality prints and greetings cards of many our pastels through FineArtAmerica.

pastel portrait 11

pastel portrait 11 - Copy

Pastel Portrait Eleven.
Many of our portraits are now available as cards and prints through FineArtAmerica.

Love your subject completely. You could paint or draw from another emotional source. You make that choice, after all. But with love comes relation, so that what happens to your subject matters to you on a personal level. Your fates weave together.

With love comes empathy, the ability to feel what another feels. And from there, you can tell your subject’s story. Technique matters, but ultimately your hand doesn’t move to create the portrait. The emotional energy of your subject’s life breathes and dances on the page, telling its story in gestures of color.

With love comes light. Identify the sources of light and observe where they fall on your subject. But don’t just watch them. Imagine the light has emotions too, as it touches your subject. Does it feel happiness or sadness, longing or regret, joy or lust? Let that feeling animate your hands as you draw. Love and light will reveal your subject.

pastel portrait 10

pastel portrait 10 - Copy

Pastel Portrait Ten: the smiling face of your Martian moderator here.
Many of our portraits are avilable as prints or cards through FineArtAmerica.

Fear nothing. You might not find that in any drawing tutorial, but it lies at the heart of our approach to these pastel drawings.

We struggled with pen for many years. Ink makes demands for perfection. You can’t massage ink into the right place. You can’t undraw the mistake.

But with pastels – especially these new oil pastels we’re trying – you can reshape reality at will.

When you know a mistake isn’t going to wreck anything, you can draw with absolute confidence. Be bold. Coax the shapes into existence, painting your subject with color and light. If you get it wrong, blend in the right color, then redefine the shapes with light and shadow.

Bob Ross talked about this absolute confidence. On his canvases, he said, he could move mountains and redirect rivers. He could build and destroy. He could make it anything he wanted.

So can you.

pastel portrait 9

pastel portrait 9 - Copy

Pastel Portrait 9
Order cards or prints with this image from FineArtAmerica.

Sometimes the blank page just doesn’t resonate with enough emotion. You may therefore notice words bleeding through Pastel Portrait Nine, a study of a female nude in body paint.

all our lives we sweat and save
building for a shallow grave
must be something else, we say
somehow to defend this place

- j. morrison, the soft parade


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