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The Great Meteor Mags Draw Off Features Trey Baldwin!

Trey Baldwin sent us a joyously anarchic drawing of Meteor Mags for The Great Meteor Mags Draw Off! Finely crafted with black Sumi ink and white Liquitex marker, this meteoric masterpiece just made our day.

Trey Baldwin is the artist and co-writer of the web comic Collapsar Comics. Collapsar’s main storyline is a comedic science fiction tale about a lazy, inept space mercenary named X-ray and his disastrous misadventures. And you know what? We love space mercenaries! Trey also showcases his artwork at turbolard.wordpress.com – so click that linkage and prepare to get rocked!

meteor mags and patches by trey baldwin

BONUS POINTS to Trey for including Patches the space-loving cat – not to mention a UFO with an anarchy sign, striped socks, and soooo many star tattoos. TREY, YOU ROCK!

We’re accepting submissions to The Great Meteor Mags Draw Off all month long. So, artists of the world, just dig our post on how it works and get those pens, pencils, and digital stylus thingies fired up to draw some anarchy. It’s fun, it’s free, and it fills you with glee from your head down to your socks.
Long live the resistance!

Attention Artists: The Great Meteor Mags Draw-Off Has Begun!

Attention artists! Are you looking for some extra exposure for your project this holiday season? Then join us in The Great Meteor Mags Draw-Off! Here is how it works:

We will spotlight your project on our blog this month if you send us an original drawing of our character Meteor Mags. Drawings may be ink or pencil, paint, digital, or any medium you prefer. Bonus points for including her calico cat, Patches!

In return for your immortalization of Meteor Mags, we will plug your website, comic book, podcast, or any other project that is dear to your heart. Simply email your artwork to Matthew@MarsWillSendNoMore.com along with a brief statement about your project and any hyperlinks you want to include.

Artists retain all rights to their work. We will post the image here on our site – with full credit – and repost it to Twitter, but will not otherwise reproduce it in any form without your prior written consent.

For character design and visual elements, you can see our Meteor Mags posts here on Mars or visit the Meteor Mags website directly for even more ideas.

Happy Holidays, and Long Live the Resistance!

meteor mags character sketches_mags24

sketchbook sundays

sketchbook sundays meteor mags (2)

All we wanted to accomplish this week was capturing this outfit and pose for Meteor Mags. But after making a photo reference and dutifully consulting John Buscema’s anatomical guidelines, we hit a wall. Literally, a wall. What kind of masochist designs an ornate wall for the background of a simple character study? Sigh, guilty.

But her headphones are so cute!

sketchbook sundays meteor mags (3)

So rather than tackle the monumentous task of rendering shadows on a stone wall, we took a break to render a totally different pose with more dramatic lighting. This paper just soaks up ink, taking three or four coats of Sharpie to achieve truly solid black in the large areas.

sketchbook sundays meteor mags (7)

Fortunately, at this point in the sketching adventure, a CD from our new favorite band arrived. Dig this cover to Bigger Cages, Longer Chains by The (International) Noise Conspiracy. Revolutionary rock and roll anthems? With artwork of armed females in gloves and glasses? CRANK IT UP! That’s the kind of inspiration we need.

bigger cages longer chains album cover

Ok, but first let’s play with some color, because drawing thousands of lines by hand for midtones is just exhausting sometimes. It’s kind of a weird hobby to have, if you think about it: drawing line after line after line. On the other hand, with some good tunes, it can be quite the relaxing focal point for your mind.

sketchbook sundays planet rough

Once we knew Mags was listening to International Noise Conspiracy in her headphones, we returned to the wall and started drawing those lines glorious lines. So many lines.

sketchbook sundays meteor mags (8)

Looks good, but should we call it done? Or does that wall need some graffiti?

Let’s go with graffiti.

sketchbook sundays meteor mags (10)

At this point, we realize our dependable little scanner can’t adequately handle these 9×12 pages. It’s a very comfortable dimension to work in, and our results seem to be showing improvements. But the damned things are just too big! They’re HUGE! Okay, not huge, but we definitely need to save up for a scanner that can handle not only the 9×12 paper but also 11×17 sheets of bristol board.

Until next time, happy sketching!

sketchbook sundays meteor mags (11)

sketchbook sundays: portrait of albert einstein

portrait of albert einstein - Copy

Albert Einstein peers reflectively in this black and white drawing created with Micron 05 fine-point pen and Sharpie marker. From a 300 dpi scan.

sketchbook sundays

guitar 15 card

These 5×7 greeting cards made from a scan of the acrylic painting Guitar #15 came out very pretty. With the gloss finish on the card, the colors seem especially brilliant. You can buy your own and put a message inside. We picked a quote from Albert Ayler, a ‘free’ jazz saxophonist that blew Coltrane’s mind back in the day: “Music is the Healing Force of the Universe.”

Okay let’s see what’s in the sketchbook files today. These are in-progress photos of some ink drawings we’ve been working on for the Meteor Mags series. Ink still seems magical to us. The transformation from a pencil rough to bold black lines is like a form of entertainment for us, so we snap a few pics along the way.

meteor mags sketches in progress (1)

The one above got messed up in the ink phase, but we liked the pose so much we kept going and finished her figure. We patched up the stray ink lines with some white gel pen, thinking it might still work out as a digital image if we scan it and touch it up. That’s the funny thing about ink – you don’t really get second chances with it. Screw up, and your hours of work are dead in the water. It’s quite intimidating at times!

meteor mags sketches in progress (2)

Below, a few more shots of Mags in progress in various poses, and of course above you see Patches in progress for the “cover” illustration to her story Patches the Immortal.

meteor mags sketches in progress (3)

meteor mags sketches in progress (4)

meteor mags sketches in progress (5)

meteor mags sketches in progress (6)

sketchbook sundays

camera man 5x7 - Copy

Camera Man
Micron fine-point pens and Sharpie marker

Buy a huge acrylic wall hanging of it for no particular reason.

sketchbook sundays?

Sketchbook Sundays has not really gone extinct. It has evolved. We are indulging our lifelong obsessions with animal illustration, science fiction, and the Lane Bryant catalog in a little project called Meteor Mags. We make the drawings available as prints, and then use them for adventure stories.

Yes, we would love to be making full comic books from them. But, we will probably not master sequential art in our lifetime. So, let’s just take this thing one illustration at a time. We’re about 13,000 words and a dozen illustrations into a novella so far this summer.

Meteor may be imaginary, but she has her own blog. There you can follow her adventures and development as we build her world from the ground up.

meteor mags character sketches_mags14

Meteor Mags 14
Micron 05 fine-point pen and Sharpie marker

Buy it as a framed, canvas, or metal print.


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