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Artist Spotlight: Katinka

Pink Lady by Katinka

Pink Lady by Katinka

In the past two years, you may have read a post or two here about our foray into the world of painting. You might recall reading about our art teacher, who taught us acrylic color washes. Her suggestion to combine simple shapes with complex washes inspired our entire series of guitar paintings. Of the twenty or so painted in the last year, about half of them now hang in the homes of family, friends, and buyers in the States and overseas. It only seems fair to credit our teacher for the idea, as well as her tireless support in helping a partially color-blind learner with color choices, guiding us to new acrylic media and tools to texture our paintings, consulting on project supplies, introducing us to pastels and toned tan paper, and about a million other timely insights that helped us develop artistically.

Katinka, who signs her work Tink, teaches children and adults in a variety of classes, local events, and workshops. You can see so many smiling faces at her most recent class, a Wine and Paint event in Temecula. That class demonstrates the combination of interesting silhouetted shapes with complex multi-colored washes. Katinka uses this approach in a series of her own that has proven quite popular at the art festivals and galleries where she shows her work in California. If you want to give color washes a try, click over to Youtube and pick up the basics of color washes in Katinka’s five-minute Acrylic Color Wash Tutorial.


She Likes the Milky Way by Katinka

She Likes the Milky Way by Katinka

In exchange for setting up accounting files in Excel, an introduction to WordPress blogging, and research on art festivals, we got to choose one of Katinka’s paintings for our office. We picked She Likes the Milky Way, a 20×20 canvas painted outdoors at one of Katinka’s festival appearances. We absolutely declined an offer on it from the last person who visited to buy art.


Squash Blossom Girl by Katinka

Squash Blossom Girl by Katinka

We’re very pleased to also have one of Katinka’s smaller watercolor works in our office: Squash Blossom Girl. The rich interplay of light, reflection, and shadow in her eyes is characteristic of Katinka’s portraits. Perhaps we can convince her to post another video on her approach to eyes!

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to attend a workshop, we recommend you follow her blog where she posts all upcoming events for adults and children alike.

At the Club by Katinka

At the Club by Katinka

sketchbook sundays

camera man 5x7 - Copy

Camera Man
Micron fine-point pens and Sharpie marker

Buy a huge acrylic wall hanging of it for no particular reason.

sketchbook sundays?

Sketchbook Sundays has not really gone extinct. It has evolved. We are indulging our lifelong obsessions with animal illustration, science fiction, and the Lane Bryant catalog in a little project called Meteor Mags. We make the drawings available as prints, and then use them for adventure stories.

Yes, we would love to be making full comic books from them. But, we will probably not master sequential art in our lifetime. So, let’s just take this thing one illustration at a time. We’re about 13,000 words and a dozen illustrations into a novella so far this summer.

Meteor may be imaginary, but she has her own blog. There you can follow her adventures and development as we build her world from the ground up.

meteor mags character sketches_mags14

Meteor Mags 14
Micron 05 fine-point pen and Sharpie marker

Buy it as a framed, canvas, or metal print.

fox cub

baby fox 5x7 drawing - Copy

Fox Cub
Micron 05 fine point pen and Sharpie marker.

Buy it as a card or print.


lion 5x7 drawing - Copy

Micron 05 fine point pen and Sharpie Pro King Size marker

Buy it as a print or card.

sketchbook sundays

smoke 5x7 drawing - Copy

Micron 08 fine point pen and Sharpie Pro King Size marker

Buy it as a print or card.


matthew drawing - Copy

Micron 05 fine point pen and Sharpie Pro King Size marker

Self portrait of your moderator here at MWSNM, with my old 12-string acoustic guitar.


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