G.I. Joe 21 – The Silent Issue!

Here it is – the complete famous “Silent Issue” of G.I. Joe! Absolutely our favorite issue from Marvel’s 1980s series of this toy franchise that goes back to the 1950s. You know, it’s not such a big deal these days to do a silent issue, but this was groundbreaking stuff in 1984. We didn’t have silent month from Marvel or Frank by Jim Woodring or Age of Reptiles or even the death of Ultimate Spider-man back then. So hats off to Larry Hama for giving this one a shot! It’s become quite a collector’s item since it came out.

Now, you may notice from the cover that this is not the original printing. Our scans come from a Hasbro reprint we scored on eBay for considerably less than the price of the original. It must have been packaged with a toy or something because we can’t find any info on it at the time of this writing. If you can enlighten us on the source of this reprint, please do. We like that the colors and the glossy paper quality make this in many ways a superior printing to the original.

Anway, how about we stop using all these words to talk about a wordless issue? Just get ready to rock the complete “Silent Interlude” with Snake Eyes and Stormshadow having a ninja showdown!

Collector’s Guide:
- From G.I. Joe #21. March 1984, Marvel Comics.
Plot and breakdowns by Larry Hama, finished art by Steve Leialoha.
- Reprinted in a G.I. Joe third printing by Marvel.
- Reprinted in the Classic G.I. Joe TPB #3 by IDW.

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6 responses to “G.I. Joe 21 – The Silent Issue!

  • ed2962

    I wasn’t a regular follower of the Joe comics back in the day, but I think this is also where they started to make the connection between the Snake Eyes and Stormshadow’s pasts?

    • Mars Will Send No More

      You are correct. It’s that final page where you see they both have the same tattoo on their arms that begins exploring the link between Snake Eyes and Stormshadow. Issues #26-27 delved into their mysterious past. That compelling tale from 1984 was the only time G.I. Joe really grabbed our attention.

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  • Larry Hama fan

    This was amazing! The talent it took to convey a story with no words in 1984 is hard to overestimate. Hama was a genius and never given appropriate credit for the groundbreaking work he did with gi joe – probably because it was a toy-based comic. But for those who actually read it, it was actually more complex than anything else I ever read in comics.

    Glad to see with the Internet that Hama is starting to get some appreciation for this amazing issue!

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